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Day 208(11 days late): Cast Doodles 2

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

As you should know by now, I have a broken wrist. I showed you the doodles that covered my first cast a few weeks ago. Well, two weeks ago I had to get another cast because the old one was too big after all the swelling went down. For this cast I decided to just have people sign it and draw on it (even m boss’s three year old…) except for one spot that I dedicated to one of my favorite sites, Regretsy.

There’s a secret part (and by secret I mean that you just have to know the password, which is EVERYWHERE!) of Regretsy that has members only posts. The club has a different name, but for the sake of keeping this fairly PG or PG-13, I’m calling it Club F. Well, people have the hardest time remembering the password for some reason, so Helen Killer has had a few different contests where people can submit photos including the password… cf4l, which stands for Club F 4 Lyfe!! Yes, that’s purposefully spelled wrong. For the current contest, you were supposed to submit photos of the password reminder at famous landmarks near where you live. Being in Knoxville, I, of course, wanted to use the Sun Sphere in a picture…. and what would make it even more hilarious would be having the password on my cast!! So I doodled the password with different colored sharpies, and gave it sort of a flame effect.

Well, I went out after work today to try and get some shots of my cast in front of the Sun Sphere, but it was very overcast and dark, so I couldn’t get a good picture. I decided that I would just photoshop my cast into a picture I already took! I mean, bad photoshops are a big part of Regretsy, so why not! so here’s what I ended up with!!

Some pretty obvious photoshoppery, but I sort of feel like that’s the point! I’ll let you know if HK features my password reminder!

Anna Grace

Just like last month, I made a desktop wallpaper calendar in photoshop for September! Also like last time, I used all Ben Moore paint colors from Pottery Barn’s collection, but this time I used their Fall/Winter 2011 collection! It’s September, so that means, IT’S FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!!!!! So for this calendar, I did a football theme! I found the image of the football online and then created the field goal posts in photoshop. Then I just added the stripe at the bottom, the word September, and made the calendar and I was done!

I made this one a bit wider so it would fit my screen better. I made a couple of changes, including the 30 on the calendar accidentally being 3o instead of 30, but here it is on my desktop!!

Feel free to click the image to see it bigger and set it as your own desktop! Enjoy and GO VOLS!!!!

Anna Grace


Day 197(10 days late): Face In Hole Creations 2

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

I used this site waaaayyy back on day 43 to make some funny pictures of myself in different scenarios. I decided to revisit that site today and came up with 6 more awesome and hilarious images!

The roles of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet will be played by Anna Grace Smith in tonight’s production of Titanic…


AG phone home!!!

I make blue in a mans world!

(Get it?? Make blue instead of make do? yeah… that was super cheesy… sorry about that…)

…unless of course if its a food baby!

Where did my body g… oh look! A perfume bottle!!

Like I said last time, this site is basically photoshop for dummies, but it makes it so easy and fun! I think the last two are my favorite! That perfume one is actually sort of pretty!

Anna Grace

Edited some more portraits in photoshop for this post! I will make this quick cause I am super tired!

This first image I just adjusted the color and then used the palette knife filter, then accented edges.

This next one I cut out my lips, changed the hue and saturation of everything else and used the film grain filter, then used the plastic wrap filter on my lips.

And this last one I made duotone, added a bit of noise to it, adjusted the contrast and did a very transparent gradient overlay to make the corners look a touch darker.

Yep. There you have it!

Anna Grace

I am now an astonishing 6 (aaaahhh!!! :shock: ) days late!! But, like I said, these past couple of weeks have been insane what with last week’s crazy busy work schedule and me rushing to pack and move this week! But, I thought I’d take a breather for a bit today and do a post! I hope to catch up on next week, but maybe this will help me not be too ridiculously far behind!

I’ve seen some desktop images from time to time that were calendars. I always thought it was a neat idea and a good way to not get tired of the same old background (mine’s been the digital portrait I did of Elizabeth Taylor since the day I made it… oops), so I decided to create my own for August! I wanted to give it a summery theme, so I found a simple image of a table and chairs with an umbrella and I did everything in Benjamin Moore Pottery Barn Spring/Summer 2011 Colors! Every single color used (even the lines and numbers on the calendar!) came straight from that collection! so here’s the final result!

Click the image to see it full-size and feel free to set it as your desktop wallpaper! I made it 1024×768 pixels because that was supposedly the “standard” size for desktops, but when I tried to use it as mine, I had to stretch it out to get it to fit!

I think it still looks pretty good, even stretched out! I enjoyed doing this, so I may make this a monthly thing!

Sorry I’m so behind… I promise I’ll catch up next week!

Anna Grace

So this is just a short easy post to try and at least get something in, even though I’m working and packing like mad!

One of my favorite Beatles songs is Across The Universe, mostly because the lyrics are just so awesome!! Everything is just so eloquently put, so I decided to just type out the lyrics and make a digital art piece surrounding/behind them, making the lyrics themselves the focus. I realized the other day that I usually always like songs purely for their musical value, which is not necessarily a bad thing! But, I oftentimes don’t even notice the lyrics because I’m so focused on the music! So, I’ve been looking more deeply into lyrics of songs to try and understand them and like them for their poetic genius, as well as the killer music! That’s the main reason I wanted to do this project. I mean, who else comes up with phrases like, “Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letterbox?” Pretty amazing…

At any rate, after finding a suitable font for the title and then for the lyrics that you could still easily read, I found an image of rain on a window that I used as the background. I adjusted the hue/saturation and brightness/contrast a bit then used the watercolor filter to give it a bit of texture and hide some pixelation that occurred. I then found a sort of organic scroll image (it took a ridiculous amount of time to find one I actually liked! I thought about drawing something myself, but my scanner isn’t working :cry: ) and made it two different colors. I put it in the corner and adjusted the opacity a bit so you could still see the image behind.  I made the font a contrasting purple color to the green scrolls and I was done! Easy enough, but I think it came out pretty spiffy!

So there you have it! Not much more to say about this… so… bye?

Man am I awkward… :cool:

Anna Grace


Day 174(2 days late): Regretsy Tarot Card

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

As you all probably already know, I follow quite a few blogs, some more regularly than others. Most of them are creative projects like mine, but some are purely for entertainment value! Regretsy is one of those! (Be pre-warned before clicking that link… it is most definitely not-safe-for-work and has some graphic images and a lot of cursing) It’s a site that makes fun of some of the ridiculous stuff that people try and sell on Etsy. The creator of Regretsy, who goes by Helen Killer (really April Winchell), is the most blunt, snarky, and sometimes vulgar person ever, but everything is so ridiculously hilarious!!! I find myself crying over the things she says!! Regretsy is also the only site that I actually scroll through and read all of the comments, because the people who read and comment are just as hilarious, if not more as HK herself! But the great thing about Regretsy is that while everything is a huge joke, it also does a lot of good for people. HK donates proceeds from various things on Regretsy every month to someone in need, such as someone who needs medical treatment, just lost a job, or any other thing like that! (Check out April’s Army the last week of every month for some amazing products artists donate with proceeds going towards that month’s charity!) Anyways, the newest fundraiser that is going on is the Regretsy Tarot Card Project! This is a Tarot Card deck that is designed after the most memorable parts of Regretsy, with the proceeds going to this month’s charity! At any rate, HK decided that she was one card short, and she’s put on a competition with the readers to pick the best one! The rules pertained only to the size and resolution of the card and the theme should be Towel Mike. So… to give a short explanation (because this intro to this post is getting ridiculous), Towel Mike is a Regretsy fan who one day decided to send a picture of himself half-naked in a towel to April… who in turn posted it onto Regretsy, and now he’s become a major part of the site with his own facebook page and Mike Monday’s on the site. :) So, he had to be part of the tarot card deck!!

Now, I had thought about this for awhile and couldn’t really think of any ideas, until one of the readers who goes by randomtask said that she had an idea and a sketch for a card and was wanting to team up with someone who could translate it to a digital image in photoshop… so I volunteered! She sent me a couple of scans of her sketches, this being one of them:

Basically she wanted the original Towel Mike picture with the glowing head of Jesus and the sacred heart. She also added in the email that she wanted to put April’s head in the corner “looking down upon
Towel Mike like those Jesus pictures old ladies seem to love and plaster their house walls with.” HAHAHAHA!!! And she thought Mike should be surrounded by “angels” that were some of the best Regretsy items with wings. Pretty amazing and hilarious idea! So, here’s what I came up with in my artistic ability and mad ‘shoppin skillzzzz!

I think it turned out pretty amazing!! The angels in this are the Hellephant (which is my personal favorite :) ), the Gumball Head, and the Level 4 Cat (which spawned many many many reader submitted amazing photoshops and a competition!!)!! I think it’s pretty amazing and while winning a prize would be nice, I had so much fun doing this, just the fact that April will see it is enough for me! Thanks to randomtask for the inspiration… we make a good team!!!

The top submissions will be posted tonight and voted on by HK and Towel Mike and announced tomorrow, so I’ll let you know if we win!!


Anna Grace


Day 161(1 day late): Paint-By-Number

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

After doing the skull-by-numbers from Skull-A-Day for the last post, I thought I’d try and make my own Paint-By-Number! So I found an image I liked and that wouldn’t be too many colors, and took it into photoshop. I used the cutout filter to simplify it, and then created used the Accented Edges to make the edges stand out. I finally just used the magic wand tool to select the main colored spaces, but not the out lines, and deleted them. I changed the lines to a blue so you could see them better.

Click on the image to make it bigger and feel free to download it and print it out! You’ll have to mix the paint colors, but you wouldn’t have to stick with that scheme. Just use colors with similar tone and you’re set! Here’s a little copy of the finished product if you don’t want to mess with painting it :)

It’s an Eames Molded Plywood Chair!

This ended up taking awhile to do, and I’m still not quite sure how Noah from Skull-A-Day made the blue lines of his, but I did the best I could without taking it into Illustrator, which always just frustrates the hell out of me. But, I’m pretty happy with it! Be sure to email me any pictures of this if you make it!

Anna Grace


Day 160(2 days late): Skull-By-Numbers

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

So… I’m now 2 days behind because I came home after work last night and promptly fell asleep!! I woke up about 2 hours later and just moved from my couch to the bed and slept until this morning. I was so tired from work! But anyways, I had today off, so I’m going to try and get at least 2 posts in between packing boxes in preparation for my move next month…

So, I originally decided to do this project for today because I thought it wouldn’t take very long… boy was I wrong about that! But, I’ll get more into what a did in a minute. As you all know, my major inspiration for this 365 project was Skull-A-Day. I decided to pay homage to that site today and do Noah’s Skull-By-Numbers from the original 365 project. Here it is as he presented it:

So, I took the downloadable pdf that Noah posted into photoshop and filled in all the colors with duotone variations of the ornamental skull that was also in the original year, seen below.

Seems simple enough, right? That’s what I thought, too. But It took awhile to select all the little areas to be filled in, and then when I was adjusting the colors of the pattern, photoshop kept crashing for some reason… grrrrr! So, instead of it taking maybe 30 min, it took about 2 hours. At any rate, here’s the finished product!

As always, click to see it bigger! I think it turned out pretty sweet looking! You were probably like me and thought that it was going to be 2 or more skulls when looking at the original pdf, but Noah used some trickery and fooled us all, because it was just one! But a really neat image at that! He says on the blog how he created this, so I might try my hand at it for one of my projects!

Hope to get at least one more post in today, so stay tuned!

Anna Grace


Day 156: THEME CONTEST 4 Pinata Survival Island

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

We’re now in day 4 of the Theme Contest I had on facebook! Today’s winner and montage inspirer is my friend Brian! His response was:

I thought the second submission had more potential for greatness, so I broke my rules and picked Pinata Survival Island, but I also decided to include a couple of elements from the first submission :)

Before I get to the actual montage, I have to point out that there is actually a movie from 2002 called Pinata: Survival Island!! WHAT??! And Brian tells me he had noooo idea there was such a thing… so I think it’s pretty hilarious! It was also known as Demon Island, which, as IMDb describes it, is about “Teens trapped on an island are haunted by a demon hidden inside…a pinata.” Um… what the heck? I believe that would be the reason why I haven’t heard of it. I also love the subtitle: A weekend to dismember. Punny much?

Moving on with life, here’s the montage in all it’s epic-ness!

So. The background is pretty self-explanatory… an island. Duh. On that island we have Andy Warhol…. in pinata form… giant pinata form. With a few people looking at him in awe (they are actually to scale and from the original image, so that tells you how freaking huge that thing is…) Then we’ve got a little bird/penguin pirate thing cruising along in his boat. A poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 popped up for some reason in the initial Pinata Survival Island search… so he’s looking over at Sonic the Hedgehog like, “What are you going to do to me!!!” As with Harry, with Sonic I have no idea why he appeared in this image search… but I think it works! I then searched Ondansetron, which is apparently an anti-nausea/vomiting drug for cancer patients after chemo, radiation, or surgery. So, Sonic is holding the floating and glowing pill version of that drug and saying, “Trust me. I’m a doctor.” (That was actually a little novelty pin that come up in the search) I then searched tonsillectomy and after gagging profusely, I cut out (harharhar…) an image of some tonsils after surgery and stuck them in Sonic’s other hand. No wonder Harry is scared!

For once, I actually planned out this montage pretty well when I was discovering the images, so I think it turned out pretty amazing! Although, I can’t ever look at Sonic the same again… I hope he doesn’t give you botched-tonsillectomy nightmares!

Thanks for your input Brian!!

BTW I’m seriously contemplating doing more posts like this after this week’s contest is over. I’m having so much fun with all the input! And there are some hilarious ones that didn’t make the 5 posts cutoff!! Say something in the comments if you want more of this after this week and say how you think I should go about doing that! Regardless of what I decide, my followers input is always welcome!

The final day of this contest (for now anyways :D ) is coming up tomorrow, and I think it may be the best theme yet! No offense to the other winners, but I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty fabulous! :)

Anna Grace