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Day 98(2 days late): Mother’s Day Present!

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So, I’m a little late on this, considering Mother’s Day was on Sunday and it’s now Wednesday, but things got pretty crazy, so I’m just now getting to this… at any rate, I didn’t see my mom on Mother’s day, but will see her Friday!

Anyways, for my mom I decided to use the other hand casting from Day 66. For this one, I sanded it just like the one for my dad as much as I could with a sanding sponge. I then loosely colored all over it with a yellow prismacolor marker. Next, I drew a musical staff swirling down from the pointer finger to the wrist, getting larger as it went, with a dark gray marker. I wanted to do something musical since my mother is a professor of horn and also leads the family choir at church. I finally decided I would do something from church so I could write the words as well, and I found a site that had one of our Hymnal’s, Wonder Love and Praise, in it. I settled upon Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit because we always have so much fun when we sing it! So, I wrote the soprano and alto part out in a red marker, as well as the lyrics. It was hard to get everything to fit at the smallest part, so the measures are sort of long! Here’s the finished product:

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!! Sorry this is so late… So glad I get to see you Friday!

Anna Grace


Day 83(5 days late): Dad’s Birthday Present!

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I’m finally done with my papers!!!!! I turned them in at 11:30 today and it felt amazing! I’ve still got 3 exams over the next 2 weeks, so the posts might be a little spotty, but I thought I’d try and start getting caught up!! So sorry for the delay…

So, Monday was my dad’s birthday! I had already started his present on Day 64 by doing the mold and cast of my hand. I started today by using a sanding sponge to even out the plaster. It was really hard to get into all the little crevices and my hands were starting to hurt, so I mostly just smoothed the rough patches a bit. Then (after getting all the dust off) I used a creamy beige sample jar of paint with equal parts water and did a wash over the whole thing. I was going to just paint it straight on, but I was worried about it getting too thick and not being able to see the wrinkles in my knuckles and things like that. After that, it looked a little too much like a real skin color and I thought it was sort of creepy, so I made an even more diluted wash with blue paint and went right over it. It’s very subtle, but you can see where it settled into some of the holes. I wish I had gotten a progress picture, but I didn’t :( . After that, I looked around online for a bit until I found this traditional henna tattoo, and I copied it in a brown paint on my plaster hand. It was really hard to get all the little details, even with my smallest brush, so I just did my interpretation of it. In the palm, I made a heart since it’s for my dad. :D

For the bottom, I wanted to write some sort of quote about a father and a daughter holding hands or something, but I couldn’t find any that I really liked, so instead i just searched for quotes with hand in them, haha! I came across this one by Leonardo da Vinci, and I think it works well!

So, Happy Birthday again, dad! Can’t wait to give this to you next weekend!

In other news, I mentioned yesterday that we’d had some pretty severe thunderstorms/tornadoes in this area on Wednesday (which was part of the reason why I didn’t finish my papers sooner…). Here’s some pictures of the damage the golf ball sized hail did to my car…

That’s the hood of my car… There are some dimples on the side as well, but the roof was the worst. I don’t have a picture of that.

Apparently some hail jumped up and broke my passenger side blinker…

My windshield got really cracked… here’s the passenger side (from inside the car)

That’s the driver’s side.

While this sucks and all, I am very very lucky that this was all that happened! Many cars around me had windows completely busted out and many houses and other properties were damaged. My county was lucky in that we didn’t have any deaths, but South of us, there have been well over 100 documented deaths so far, and there are still people missing!! So please, keep everybody in your thoughts and prayers!

Anna Grace


Day 66: Hand Cast 2

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Today I tried to do another casting of my hand, this time in the “I Love You” sign. Here’s the mold

I didn’t think about the fact that gravity would make it impossible to get the plaster high enough in the two bent fingers (because it was cast with my hand pointing down), so they ended up looking cut off…

I think you still get the idea of the sign without the whole fingers there. Also, there were apparently a lot of bubbles in the mold, and therefore my hand looks like it’s got lots of weird growths on it! So, this one will also have to be sanded down and painted. But still gift-worthy, I think!

Anna Grace

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Day 64: Hand Cast

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Cast as in plaster cast, not like one for your broken bones. :D

Today I decided to go ahead and start a project that I was planning for the end of the month because, well, I just couldn’t wait! I’ve been trying to think of something to do with the Permastone Plaster that I had bought and couldn’t use for the mosaic vase project, so I finally came up with the idea to cast my hand! I thought it might be a nice paper weight or ring holder or something that I could give someone as a gift. So yesterday while at Hobby Lobby, I bought stuff to make a mold so I could do just that!

Today, I started out by making the mold mixture and then poured it into a big pitcher. My original thought was to make the I love you sign language symbol, but I stuck my hand in just relaxed to see if it was ready and it started to harden! So I was stuck with leaving it like that! I let my hand sit for about 15 minutes and then it was ready! I meant to get a picture of the mold, but I was so eager to start casting it with plaster that I forgot! So next I mixed up the plaster with water and just poured it straight into the mold. I tapped the side a bit to get out the bubbles, but as you’ll see in the pictures, not all of them got out. So I had to let that sit for 20 minutes until it was room temperature and then I cut it out of the mold! Here’s what I ended up with…

As you can tell, there are some parts that came out really bumpy that I will have to sand down and then the underside of the fingers had bubbles, so they’re not perfect either. I also wanted it to be a little bigger, further up on my wrist, but I didn’t mix enough plaster, so oh well! I think it’s not half bad for my first casting project! I might attempt this again if I have enough mold stuff left! I still think I will give this as a present, but I think I will be painting it first… but that’s for another day!

Anna Grace

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