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Day 288: RHCP Beaded Bracelets

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I decided to give the whole beaded craft on a loom another shot. This time, I made 2 bracelets! On the 10th, I’m going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers play in Georgia!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!! This is the first time they’ve done a US tour in almost 5 years, so when I heard about the tour, I immediately asked my mom for a ticket for Christmas, and she kindly obliged! They are probably my all-time favorite band… I’ve even seriously contemplated getting a tattoo based around their Californication album! At any rate, I decided to make myself a bracelet to wear to the concert!

This time I made my pattern in on the computer, and here it is.

The red sort of sun looking thing is supposed to be their logo, an asterisk. Here’s some shots of the progress.

I ended up having to make this a lot longer than I expected, so I ended up with a lot of white space, but that’s alright! After I finished, I wove the ends together to make it a solid loop. I made it with stretchy string so I can get it on and off pretty easily.

Somewhat hard to read, but I still like it and will wear it proudly next Tuesday! After I finished, I texted a picture to my friend, Brian, who is going to the concert with me, asking if he wanted one. He replied as predicted with, “Hell yes!” :D So, I made him one as well! I was running low on the white beads, so I replaced them with lime green. I also knew his wrist is a lot bigger than mine, so I put an asterisk between each letter. It’s not quite done… still have to weave the ends together, but here it is anyways!

I think it turned out pretty awesome, and Brian loves it! If I have time and enough beads, I might make some for the other two guys going with us! SO RIDICULOUSLY PUMPED!!! EEEEEEE!!!

Anna Grace

As you may or may not know, Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of my all time favorite bands! I’m super excited because they have a new album coming out at the end of this month! I’m bummed that John Frusciante isn’t in this one, but I’m sure it will still be awesome! In honor of that, I decided to (quickly) record some of their songs!

These are in order of album release date. Keep in mind that I quickly recorded these and that I am a super nerdy white person and fail at the rapping style parts. But at least it is entertaining! :mrgreen:

Under The Bridge


Around the World

Can’t Stop

I think I did the best on Otherside, but I enjoy Around the World and Can’t Stop if purely for entertainment value. :D

I hope to get more than one post a day in this weekend to catch up some, but we’ll see!

Anna Grace


Day 97(3 days late): 3 More Acapella Songs

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I had something else completely done and ready for this post, and when I went to make the post, the file was to big to upload. Well, I spent several hours last night and a couple today messing with it and was never able to get it to work, so instead I just recorded 3 more songs quickly acapella… sorry to do the same thing 2 days in a row, but I didn’t really have a choice…

At any rate, the first one is another Alanis Morissette song called Right Through You. This is definitely another one I sing in the shower a lot :)

Right Through You

The next song is one of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs, Zeitgeist. Sometime I would like to learn the guitar chords to this and record it again, but this will do for now. I’ve sung this one on lots of trips in the car. :D


The last song is Porcelain by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. RHCP is one of my all time favorite bands, and the album Californication will always be significant in my life because it was probably the album that got me through my parents divorce. Porcelain is definitely the most chill song on the album, but it’s just so beautiful with the harmonies that I thought it’d be perfect for singing acapella.


Anywho, I hope to get one more post in tonight!!

Anna Grace