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Day 208(11 days late): Cast Doodles 2

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

As you should know by now, I have a broken wrist. I showed you the doodles that covered my first cast a few weeks ago. Well, two weeks ago I had to get another cast because the old one was too big after all the swelling went down. For this cast I decided to just have people sign it and draw on it (even m boss’s three year old…) except for one spot that I dedicated to one of my favorite sites, Regretsy.

There’s a secret part (and by secret I mean that you just have to know the password, which is EVERYWHERE!) of Regretsy that has members only posts. The club has a different name, but for the sake of keeping this fairly PG or PG-13, I’m calling it Club F. Well, people have the hardest time remembering the password for some reason, so Helen Killer has had a few different contests where people can submit photos including the password… cf4l, which stands for Club F 4 Lyfe!! Yes, that’s purposefully spelled wrong. For the current contest, you were supposed to submit photos of the password reminder at famous landmarks near where you live. Being in Knoxville, I, of course, wanted to use the Sun Sphere in a picture…. and what would make it even more hilarious would be having the password on my cast!! So I doodled the password with different colored sharpies, and gave it sort of a flame effect.

Well, I went out after work today to try and get some shots of my cast in front of the Sun Sphere, but it was very overcast and dark, so I couldn’t get a good picture. I decided that I would just photoshop my cast into a picture I already took! I mean, bad photoshops are a big part of Regretsy, so why not! so here’s what I ended up with!!

Some pretty obvious photoshoppery, but I sort of feel like that’s the point! I’ll let you know if HK features my password reminder!

Anna Grace


Day 174(2 days late): Regretsy Tarot Card

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

As you all probably already know, I follow quite a few blogs, some more regularly than others. Most of them are creative projects like mine, but some are purely for entertainment value! Regretsy is one of those! (Be pre-warned before clicking that link… it is most definitely not-safe-for-work and has some graphic images and a lot of cursing) It’s a site that makes fun of some of the ridiculous stuff that people try and sell on Etsy. The creator of Regretsy, who goes by Helen Killer (really April Winchell), is the most blunt, snarky, and sometimes vulgar person ever, but everything is so ridiculously hilarious!!! I find myself crying over the things she says!! Regretsy is also the only site that I actually scroll through and read all of the comments, because the people who read and comment are just as hilarious, if not more as HK herself! But the great thing about Regretsy is that while everything is a huge joke, it also does a lot of good for people. HK donates proceeds from various things on Regretsy every month to someone in need, such as someone who needs medical treatment, just lost a job, or any other thing like that! (Check out April’s Army the last week of every month for some amazing products artists donate with proceeds going towards that month’s charity!) Anyways, the newest fundraiser that is going on is the Regretsy Tarot Card Project! This is a Tarot Card deck that is designed after the most memorable parts of Regretsy, with the proceeds going to this month’s charity! At any rate, HK decided that she was one card short, and she’s put on a competition with the readers to pick the best one! The rules pertained only to the size and resolution of the card and the theme should be Towel Mike. So… to give a short explanation (because this intro to this post is getting ridiculous), Towel Mike is a Regretsy fan who one day decided to send a picture of himself half-naked in a towel to April… who in turn posted it onto Regretsy, and now he’s become a major part of the site with his own facebook page and Mike Monday’s on the site. :) So, he had to be part of the tarot card deck!!

Now, I had thought about this for awhile and couldn’t really think of any ideas, until one of the readers who goes by randomtask said that she had an idea and a sketch for a card and was wanting to team up with someone who could translate it to a digital image in photoshop… so I volunteered! She sent me a couple of scans of her sketches, this being one of them:

Basically she wanted the original Towel Mike picture with the glowing head of Jesus and the sacred heart. She also added in the email that she wanted to put April’s head in the corner “looking down upon
Towel Mike like those Jesus pictures old ladies seem to love and plaster their house walls with.” HAHAHAHA!!! And she thought Mike should be surrounded by “angels” that were some of the best Regretsy items with wings. Pretty amazing and hilarious idea! So, here’s what I came up with in my artistic ability and mad ‘shoppin skillzzzz!

I think it turned out pretty amazing!! The angels in this are the Hellephant (which is my personal favorite :) ), the Gumball Head, and the Level 4 Cat (which spawned many many many reader submitted amazing photoshops and a competition!!)!! I think it’s pretty amazing and while winning a prize would be nice, I had so much fun doing this, just the fact that April will see it is enough for me! Thanks to randomtask for the inspiration… we make a good team!!!

The top submissions will be posted tonight and voted on by HK and Towel Mike and announced tomorrow, so I’ll let you know if we win!!


Anna Grace