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Day 185(7 days late): Crackle Nail Polish Review

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

I don’t know how creative you would consider painting one’s nails with something straight from a bottle, but I tried a few different color combinations, so I’m going to treat this as a writing piece and write a review.

By the way, sorry I’m a few more days late… I’ve been unpacking a lot and just had company in town, so I didn’t have time for posts! Expect at least one more post today!

So the other day I bought Sally Hansen’s Crackle Overcoat in Snow Blast and my friend bought it in Fushia Shock. I also bought a bottle of Revlon Top Speed in Peachy to use as my base color…. and it looked a lot more coral in the store, but at Whitney’s apartment it looks waaaayyy more peachy like the name and one the verge of UT orange on your nails!! Which wasn’t what I was going for, but I just went with it. Just a side note real quick: I absolutely FAIL at painting nails!! And add to that the fact that I bite my fingernails and I didn’t think it would turn out well at all… so keep that in mind!

So I started by doing 2 base coats of the peachy on all my nails– toes and fingers. I wasn’t too worried about how well it covered, but I did 2 coats anyways just because I didn’t want it to look like crap! :D After that, I just globbed on the Snow Blast Crackle Overcoat! It’s a lot thicker than normal polish, so it’s sort of hard to work with, but I think that the whole point is for it to look different on every nail. It says on the bottle that you can do one coat of different thicknesses for different effects, but it was so hard to work with that whatever was on my brush was how much I put on! Here’s my big toe in action!

It was pretty cool because you could see it crackling! I could watch that for like hours! And here’s both my feet done.

I wasn’t really sure that I liked this combo too much… maybe for game day at UT with an attempt at a very light coat of the white, but I think it looks sort of strange to have that much white on my toes… I did my fingers, too, and it looked even more ridiculous!! So bad I’m not even posting a picture… While I was doing this, Whitney did her toes with a really bright orange as a base and the pink crackle. Well, they were so similar in tone, that it just ended up looking like lumpy toenails with clumpy paint on them!! She ended up using a white base like you would use for french manicures and putting the pink over the top. That time it looked pretty awesome! (sorry, no pic…) Then she tried hot pink polish with the white crackle on her fingers, and again it just looked lumpy! We decided in general that we liked it better on her toes. After that, I decided to try something else on my fingers just to experiment, and used the peachy color as a base and the hot pink crackle on top. I think it actually turned out pretty neat on my nubby little fingernails! Very bright but I like it!

These pictures really don’t show how bright they are! But it’s fun! And I think there was just enough contrast to where it didn’t look so lumpy and looked more purposeful. I still have my fingers that way! After that, I decided to try one more thing on my toes and did this really dark purply/blue color that Whit had with the white over top. I think the big contrast made it a bit better, but next time I need to get it more in all the corners. And it sort of looks like cracked zombie toes, hahaha!!

So bad… and yet I still have my toes like that! I think I might try this navy blue I have with a light coat of the white, or a teal blue with the white next.

Overall, my review of this product is so, so. If you get the right combination of colors and the perfect amount of the overcoat, it can look great! But so many of the combos we tried came out super funky, and the stuff was so hard to work with and get an even coat. It would probably also help if I wasn’t so terrible at painting fingernails!! I think I might buy this product again… but I think the white is a little too stark and I might go with the silver color next time. I’m going to experiment with this some more and see if I can come up with a really epic combo!

Anna Grace