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Create A Day

One creative project every day for a year

I spent a long time today working on the rose washcloth I started yesterday and I finally finished it!! I actually didn’t do as many rows as it said, but it was getting really big, so I decided to stop a few rows short! I think if I had finished it, it would have been bigger than my head! Here is the finished product.

I had a little fun and decided to do a mini photo shoot to better showcase its purpose as a washcloth and show the size. B) I used the regular camera on my phone and retro camera app with the Little Orange Box and the Xolaroid 2000.

I think that now that I have done a whole one, I should be able to make more without many problems. These could also be used in the kitchen as dish towels or hot pads.  This will be a fairly easy thing to use for presents in the future!

Anna Grace

A few weeks ago, I went to Borders liquidation sale and bought a few books for super dupe cheap. Among those was a crafting book called the Chicks with Sticks Guide to Crochet. I’ve been looking through it a lot trying to decide what I wanted to make and then I finally decided to make the Smellin-Like-A-Rose washcloth!

Now, I haven’t ever really followed a pattern for crocheting… I’ve just sort made my own patterns. So when I started this, I had to restart it a few times, so it ended up taking a lot longer than I originally thought. Because of that and the fact that my fingers feel like they’re going to fall off, I didn’t finish it today, but I thought I would go ahead and post where I am so far!

Here it is after the first center color was done and I had started the petal color.

That was the easiest part… the petals seemed like they would be easy, but I didn’t understand some of the stitch terminology the were using, so it took a few tries and some research to figure it out! Here’s where I’m at now.

You can sort of see how the variations in the stitches curve to form the petals of the flower at this point, but I’ve still got 12 rows left to crochet!! I will hopefully be finishing this up tomorrow!

Anna Grace