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Day 172(1 day late): See You

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

I was totally going to wait and post this later this week because it’s going to be insane at work (2 people will be gone, so I’m working 6 8 hour days in a row :shock: ), but I’m so pumped about this that I couldn’t resist going ahead and posting it!

You’re probably looking at that title and thinking, “See You? What the heck is that song?” Well that’s because it’s a never been released song by my sister and yours truly! You see, when my sister and I were younger (I’m thinking like 4th grade for me and 6th for Kat?? idk… what do you think, Katherine?) we used to spend hours rocking out with our Beanie Babies in the roles of Hanson, Spice Girls, or any other group we were interested in at the time, but we also wrote our own original songs! We called ourselves AK Original which stood for…. Anna Katherine Original, duh! I don’t think we ever named this song (or if we did I don’t remember it…), but it was one of our favorites, along with another one I’ll call Swimming… Kat you know what I’m talking about! But anyways, I decided to call this one See You. We only ever came up with one verse (the last one in the recording) a chorus and a part I’m calling the bridge when we were younger, so I quickly made up two more verses. The words are very simple and somewhat juvenile, but we were kids when we started this, so I just went with it :) and I wrote them in like 20 min. Then I just came up with some simple backing chords on ukulele! The uke “solo” at the beginning and after the bridge were already part of the original song so many years ago… we just used to sing it haha! At any rate, I recorded the ukulele parts, then the melody, and finally the harmony! Here it is with words below just to clarify! Keep in mind the final verse is the one we wrote forever ago!

See You

Chorus x2

When I wanna see you all I do

Is close my eyes and think about you

When I wanna hear you all I do

Is close my eyes and listen to you

Verse 1

Some just don’t see

Why you want to be with me, but

We, we can agree

That their thoughts don’t matter, it’s just you and me


Verse 2

I, I miss you

But you’re still here living in my soul

We, we’re meant to be

Two birds of a feather sing in harmony



When I wanna see you all I know

Is that you should be with me so

When I wanna hear you all I know

Is that you should be with me so

(UKE SOLO!!!!! :cool: )


Verse 3

I, I love you

I cannot recall when I didn’t love you, woah

You, you and me

Together forever on love we can agree

Chorus x2

Oh man, does this bring back memories!!! And I had soooooooooooooo much fun doing this! Next time I see my sister, we totally need to collaborate on something else! I miss those days! :cry:

Just a heads up: Like I said, this week is going to be crazy, and so is next week because I’m preparing to move Aug 6th, so I might fall behind a bit on posts, but I’ll be sure to catch up ASAP!!

Anna Grace


Day 106(4 days late): Kat’s Recital Posters!

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

Nope. I don’t have my computer back… crashing in the library at school to do this post.

As those of you close to me know, my sister (or as we say, seeesster!), Katherine, is getting her masters in Horn! Well, she has her final recital coming up next week, so she asked me if I would make a poster for her for it. I, of course, said yes, but because of the whole computer drama, wasn’t able to do it, until today when I finally decided to go to the library… it’s worth it for family, right! I decided to do a few variations… serious and funny :)

Anyways, the first one is a pretty simple, but good one. I also thought that if she needed to print black and white, this one would look fine. BTW I added the border just in wordpress so you could see the edge of the page. As always, click the image to see it larger!

The second one is basically the same, but with a close up shot of a horn in the background and different font. It’s a bit harder to read.

The last one is 3 funny pictures I found on facebook of Kat with her horn and one serious one. My sister is the master of funny faces (I love this one, for example… she’ll probably kill me for that hahaha!), so I thought it would be funny to show that off!

I had a lot of fun with this post and was happy to do it for my sister!

Unfortunately, I now have to go back home where I don’t have a computer :( so any other posts tonight will be from the droid. So sorry you all have to deal with that, but I’ll try my best to come up with something interesting!

Anna Grace