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Day 329: Homemade Shampoo… FAIL!

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

Let me preface this post by saying that I’ve had several posts ready to go over the last few days, but have been sick and/or otherwise busy, so I didn’t have time to post! So, there will be several posts over the next day or so.

As you all know from my recent cooking endeavors, I caved and signed up for Pinterest… and it has since taken over my life!! But, it has also given me a lot of inspiration for creative projects to do for this blog, so I feel like it’s worth it in the end. At any rate, I saw a few recipes floating around Pinterest for homemade shampoos, and decided to do a little research and make my own! I searched on Pinterest as well as online to find the recipe that I thought would be the easiest and would work with my hair texture. I ended up using the Lemon and Cucumber Recipe on this site.

So, I followed the directions exactly and blended everything then stored it in little travel shampoo bottles in the fridge. Here’s the only picture I took of the process… sorry I forgot!

I could have put all the “shampoo” into one big bottle, but since it had to be refrigerated, I decided to split it into smaller bottles just in case I accidentally left it out. That way, only part would go bad versus the whole batch. Anyways, the next morning I decided to put the stuff to use… and I HATED it! It didn’t froth up at all, so I didn’t feel like it cleaned my hair at all. AND it left me with tiny bits of cucumber all in my hair that I couldn’t just rinse out! So I had to use shampoo to get it all out, which totally defeated the purpose. I will say, though, my hair did seem to feel softer after it dried, but that could also be because of the new conditioner I used that day, so who knows!

So, ultimately I would say this creative project was an utter fail… but I may try using it again and see if I can git all the bits out with just conditioner, but I’ll keep you updated

Keep an eye out for more posts tonight or tomorrow!

Anna Grace