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Day 56: Rendered Room

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Yep. That says Rendered Room, not the usual Quick Rendered Room. That’s because there was nothing quick about this project. Instead of doing a quick room in SketchUp and Photoshopping over it, I did everything in SketchUp (including all of the furniture/casework, paint colors, materials, and lighting) and rendered it with the plugin IDX. This is how I did the majority of computer renderings in my Interior Design studios.

So… I started like always building a basic room. I decided I wanted to do a bar… not sure why, it just came to me! I found most of the furniture elements in the 3D Warehouse, but I tweaked all of them a lot. The back cabinets I changed by expanding them to fill my space (the original was much shorter height wise and not as long) and taking out the back of the upper cabinets and making the wall behind it a window. I liked the idea of light shining through the bottles on the shelves and imagine at night it would have some kind of colored light :) . The bar itself originally had these upholstered rectangles that were a like a red snakeskin pattern. I liked the pattern, but wanted something brighter, so I used an image of a neon green faux snakeskin. The table and chairs I just changed the seat colors from black to green and the pendant lights over the bar and the middle table I made the glass shades purple instead of yellow. The only thing I did to the wall sconces was make them a little taller. I then just added a image of concrete for the floor, ceiling tile image for the ceiling, and the wall color, which happens to be Benjamin Moore’s Aplomb or AF-625. I did all of this on the Mac side of my computer (which runs a lot better and faster) and then had to switch to the Windows side to do the IDX rendering because that’s where my certified copy of it is. (I use Boot Camp BTW because when I started the ID program they didn’t have AutoCad for Mac.) Here it is before rendering.

Once on the Windows side, I added all the lighting and textural characteristics necessary to make everything render the way I wanted to. It took a few quick trial renderings to get it where I was okay with it and finally started the final, better quality rendering…. which took 4 hours!!!! (Which actually is a relatively fast rendering time compared to some of the intensely complex renderings I’ve done that took days!!) Here it is! (Scaled down a lot because the original tiff file was too big to upload!)

So there’s a few problems with this which might turn this into a 2 day project. For some reason, the two pendant lights on the far right didn’t turn on!! I was well into hour 2 of rendering when I noticed this, so I was not about to start rendering again! Also, all the pendant lights were supposed to be purple, but I guess the brightness of them canceled it out. The bottles in the window were already in the 3D object I found, so I didn’t realize until after I rendered this that they were not 3D bottles… just a single transparent face with a 2d image superimposed. With the lighting ¬†and everything they kind of turned out funny. :neutral: I think with all of those things wrong and a couple other little things, I will probably do some hard core photoshopping tomorrow to get this perfect and make it look more alive!

All the little problems aside, I really like this. Doing projects like this make me remember why I love design so much and it confirms to me that I am in the right field. I think that computer rendering is definitely my forte, so I hope this skill will help land me a job at a firm somewhere in the future!

Tomorrow, a print worthy edition of this rendering!

Anna Grace