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Day 305: Cupcake Soap

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

I was in Michael’s a few weeks ago and came across this kit to make soap that looks like cupcakes!

Sorry for the blurry pic… Anyways, I was with my friend, Whitney, at the time, and she loves cupcakes (her kitchen is cupcake themed!), so I had to get it! We were planning on making these together, but every time I came over, we didn’t have time, or we forgot about it, so I ended up making them myself! I made these a while ago, but kept forgetting to post them!

The soap is the consistency of play-doh, so you’re able to sculpt it! The first cupcake I made had a yellow base, white swirl icing and a strawberry with glitter on top!

The next cupcake was a brown base with pink icing and then a red swirl pattern. All this was topped with bath salts and glitter!

The last cupcake was a white base with purple icing and a pink and red flower with green leaves on top! Of course, a bit of glitter was added! :)

That was all the cupcakes the directions called for, but there was a ton of soap leftover, so I made this circle with flowers on it.

This was a simple, but fun craft to do with super cute results! But I definitely think that these are more for decoration than actual use. They never get hard, even after sitting out for over a week, so they wouldn’t hold their shape if you tried to actually wash your hands with them. But they look cute on my sink, so that’s alright! I ended up giving the one with the flower to Whitney :)

I’ve got 2 more posts I’m going to do today or tomorrow, but I don’t expect to posting much for the next couple of weeks. I’m moving to my new apartment and am crazy busy trying to pack!

Anna Grace

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