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Day 273: My Favorite Things

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

For this post, I used my good old Broadway favorites book and recorded My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music! I used the chords listed and played them on the ukulele. I recorded myself singing and playing at the same time in one take.

My Favorite Things

I’m super happy with how this turned out! This song is often associated with Christmas music for some strange reason, I guess because of the snowflakes? But I think it’s great for any season and has a good message!

Anna Grace


Day 124: Edelweiss

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

I hate doing similar things several posts in a row, but I’m just having so much fun with my ukulele, I couldn’t resist doing another song with it! This time, I found chords to Edelweiss from the Sound of Music. I recorded it while singing, the first time through with just strumming the chords and the second time through picking each note (or 3 notes, rather) of the chord. I then recorded over it with the harmony. I sort of made up the harmony as I went so it’s a little iffy at times. Also, when I was picking, I had to pay a lot more attention, so sometimes my intonation with my voice is a little off, but all things considered, I think it turned out well!


I’m so glad I’ve finally caught back up with posts from when I was without a computer! Hopefully I can go without missing one for awhile! I think I’ll search a bit and see if I can find Sound of Music online anywhere… I now have a very strong urge to watch it!

Anna Grace