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So this is a day late, and I’m terrible sorry, particularly to Perrin, the fifth and final winner of the Theme Contest, but yesterday was my friend Mason’s birthday, and celebrating was needed :) . So, anyways, I’m posting this a day late and then I’ll get caught up tomorrow…

Like I said, Perrin was the lucky winner!! And this was her response:

I mean, how did she come up with that?! I think that it was the favorite submission by far! She also contributed a few other themes which I may use in later posts, but this one was epic enough on it’s own :D . So I did the usual and searched the entire phrase in google, and also as usual, I found many of the images to be extremely random and hilarious! So, here’s the montage that developed from that…

I think the most amazing thing about this is the fact that I didn’t actually use any images of squirrels! But I really don’t think it needs it! The background image was one of the last things I found and I needed something that stuff could be added into more easily, so I went with it. And I think it’s appropriate that it was already a seriously shopped image. I gave it a little extra pizzazz and added a lens flare reflecting off of the Golden Gate Bridge! I mean, this is supposed to be sparkly, right? I then added the blue sphere thing that is actually supposed to be like a blue disco ball with puzzle pieces instead of squares…. so… MORE SPARKLEZZZZZZ!! I made it look like it was floating, and then thought the chick pretending to be a squirrel needed to squat on top of it. Don’t mind the awkward foot cropping… I then found this very malicious image of a porpoise, so I put him poking his head from the top. (I assume he came up because of the cannibalistic part of the search?) The highlight of my night was when I found the image of Dolly Parton in all her sparkly glory… I added a little glow around because she just lights up a room :mrgreen: , and then put the sparkly 1862 Pocket Navy gun in her hands, which she may or may not be aiming at squirrel girl and/or the crazy sea mammal. I don’t know how much all of this fits into the Sparkly Cannibalistic Squirrel theme, but I quite enjoy this montage :) And I think my photoshop skills are super amazing in the way the gun fits perfectly in Dolly’s hands! I get the feeling she knows how to use it, too… :???:

By the way, all I’ve been able to think of when making this is Hammy from Over the Hedge saying, “I’m a crazy rabid squirrel!!” Love that movie…

I had so much fun with these themes this week! I think I will do this again soon!

Anna Grace