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Day 10: Rubbermaid with Pizazz!

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

This project I have worked on over 2 days, but the time put into it today was maybe 15 minutes. I needed something with drawers or shelves to put in my living room to store some of the overflow from my bedroom. After hunting around walmart for awhile, I ultimately made my choice based on what I could lift myself! I just bought one of those cheap rubbermaid-like things with 3 drawers that’s about 2.5′ tall so I could set my teeny-tiny TV on it.

Before without clear drawers

We all know those things are definitely not attractive and pretty much scream “I’m poor!!” Well, I mean, I am poor, but I try and have a little style! So I decided to paint it! I got quart of Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Primer and a miss-tinted quart of Aura Interior Eggshell (which is, BTW, the best paint EVER!!!) that I had adjusted to a sort of darker robin’s egg blue, as well as a Wooster Big Green roller cover. It took awhile to paint cause of all the little crevices and I had to wait a few hours between the primer and the paint, but I think it turned out pretty well! It does peel off pretty easily because those things aren’t really made to be painted… at least not without buying a ridiculously expensive specialty paint, but I’m not too worried about it because I probably won’t have this out in the living room at my next place.

To make it a little more interesting, I took some of that Bags & Bows Damask Tissue from my collages on day 5, but the Pistachio version instead, and lined the drawers with it using double-sided tape. All that tissue I’ve held onto certainly comes in handy and has so many uses!

Final Product with my tiny TV

Close up so you can see the pattern better

I’m really happy with this and think it’s much better than those plain white ones!

Anna Grace