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Day 338: Strawberry Pie

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

A few weeks ago I made dinner for my some of my family and my boyfriend. The main meal was just a simple stir fry, but the dessert was a super yummy Strawberry Pie! So, I thought I’d share that here. I found the recipe on my favorite site, Pinterest. The recipe is the last one on this page. I started out by slicing up the strawberries and putting them into the graham cracker pie crust.

Then I cooked all the other ingredients together…

And poured it on top of the strawberries… it was a little overflowing, so I put the pie on a sheet pan.

Then it set for 4 hours in the fridge and it was done!

Oh man, was this good! Super simple, but tasty. I think my boyfriend ate more than half of the pie by himself over the next few days. This pie reminds me of summers at my grandparents lake house, because my grandmother always made one similar to this. I’ll definitely be making this again!

Anna Grace