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Day 266: The One That Got Away

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

Katy Perry, who is an artist I really love (as you probably already know), is so good to her fans that she made a youtube video of the lyrics and chords to her song, The One That Got Away, so they could do covers of it! She has asked all her fans to record videos of themselves preforming it and post them on youtube with “My “The One That Got Away” Cover” in the title, and then they will pick their favorites to post on her youtube channel and facebook page! So, I decided, why not? And so I made my own cover!

At first I thought I would do the chords on ukulele since I don’t have a guitar, but it was in an awkward key for uke and I’ve been having issues with my RA in my left hand. I ended up entering the chords into the GarageBand app on my iPad and use the Smart Guitar to strum the chords while I sang! You can’t see the iPad in the video, but it’s definitely live while I’m singing! So, sorry for mistakes! I look like crap on camera and it’s extra awkward because I was looking back and forth between the lyrics on my laptop and my iPad, but whatevs!

I hope I don’t always look like that when I sing… But I think the song itself turned out pretty good! I hope Katy features my video!! I’ll let you know if she does!!

Anna Grace