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So this is a day late, and I’m terrible sorry, particularly to Perrin, the fifth and final winner of the Theme Contest, but yesterday was my friend Mason’s birthday, and celebrating was needed :) . So, anyways, I’m posting this a day late and then I’ll get caught up tomorrow…

Like I said, Perrin was the lucky winner!! And this was her response:

I mean, how did she come up with that?! I think that it was the favorite submission by far! She also contributed a few other themes which I may use in later posts, but this one was epic enough on it’s own :D . So I did the usual and searched the entire phrase in google, and also as usual, I found many of the images to be extremely random and hilarious! So, here’s the montage that developed from that…

I think the most amazing thing about this is the fact that I didn’t actually use any images of squirrels! But I really don’t think it needs it! The background image was one of the last things I found and I needed something that stuff could be added into more easily, so I went with it. And I think it’s appropriate that it was already a seriously shopped image. I gave it a little extra pizzazz and added a lens flare reflecting off of the Golden Gate Bridge! I mean, this is supposed to be sparkly, right? I then added the blue sphere thing that is actually supposed to be like a blue disco ball with puzzle pieces instead of squares…. so… MORE SPARKLEZZZZZZ!! I made it look like it was floating, and then thought the chick pretending to be a squirrel needed to squat on top of it. Don’t mind the awkward foot cropping… I then found this very malicious image of a porpoise, so I put him poking his head from the top. (I assume he came up because of the cannibalistic part of the search?) The highlight of my night was when I found the image of Dolly Parton in all her sparkly glory… I added a little glow around because she just lights up a room :mrgreen: , and then put the sparkly 1862 Pocket Navy gun in her hands, which she may or may not be aiming at squirrel girl and/or the crazy sea mammal. I don’t know how much all of this fits into the Sparkly Cannibalistic Squirrel theme, but I quite enjoy this montage :) And I think my photoshop skills are super amazing in the way the gun fits perfectly in Dolly’s hands! I get the feeling she knows how to use it, too… :???:

By the way, all I’ve been able to think of when making this is Hammy from Over the Hedge saying, “I’m a crazy rabid squirrel!!” Love that movie…

I had so much fun with these themes this week! I think I will do this again soon!

Anna Grace


Day 156: THEME CONTEST 4 Pinata Survival Island

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

We’re now in day 4 of the Theme Contest I had on facebook! Today’s winner and montage inspirer is my friend Brian! His response was:

I thought the second submission had more potential for greatness, so I broke my rules and picked Pinata Survival Island, but I also decided to include a couple of elements from the first submission :)

Before I get to the actual montage, I have to point out that there is actually a movie from 2002 called Pinata: Survival Island!! WHAT??! And Brian tells me he had noooo idea there was such a thing… so I think it’s pretty hilarious! It was also known as Demon Island, which, as IMDb describes it, is about “Teens trapped on an island are haunted by a demon hidden inside…a pinata.” Um… what the heck? I believe that would be the reason why I haven’t heard of it. I also love the subtitle: A weekend to dismember. Punny much?

Moving on with life, here’s the montage in all it’s epic-ness!

So. The background is pretty self-explanatory… an island. Duh. On that island we have Andy Warhol…. in pinata form… giant pinata form. With a few people looking at him in awe (they are actually to scale and from the original image, so that tells you how freaking huge that thing is…) Then we’ve got a little bird/penguin pirate thing cruising along in his boat. A poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 popped up for some reason in the initial Pinata Survival Island search… so he’s looking over at Sonic the Hedgehog like, “What are you going to do to me!!!” As with Harry, with Sonic I have no idea why he appeared in this image search… but I think it works! I then searched Ondansetron, which is apparently an anti-nausea/vomiting drug for cancer patients after chemo, radiation, or surgery. So, Sonic is holding the floating and glowing pill version of that drug and saying, “Trust me. I’m a doctor.” (That was actually a little novelty pin that come up in the search) I then searched tonsillectomy and after gagging profusely, I cut out (harharhar…) an image of some tonsils after surgery and stuck them in Sonic’s other hand. No wonder Harry is scared!

For once, I actually planned out this montage pretty well when I was discovering the images, so I think it turned out pretty amazing! Although, I can’t ever look at Sonic the same again… I hope he doesn’t give you botched-tonsillectomy nightmares!

Thanks for your input Brian!!

BTW I’m seriously contemplating doing more posts like this after this week’s contest is over. I’m having so much fun with all the input! And there are some hilarious ones that didn’t make the 5 posts cutoff!! Say something in the comments if you want more of this after this week and say how you think I should go about doing that! Regardless of what I decide, my followers input is always welcome!

The final day of this contest (for now anyways :D ) is coming up tomorrow, and I think it may be the best theme yet! No offense to the other winners, but I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty fabulous! :)

Anna Grace

We’re trucking on through the themes that my facebook friends suggested for photo montages! The third winner was my friend Lauren, and this was her suggestion:

Verryyyy interesting!! I think that that’s a cool phrase to think about! So, I just copied and pasted those exact words into google! The images were extremely varied, but there were a few that caught my eye and I feel like this montage captures the statement of warmth and the way it can help the soul grow. I wish I had more time to make it pretty :(

The background was the first thing I found. I thought it was appropriate because the colors really represent warmth, the image grows out from the center, and to me it’s sort of a visual interpretation of what I think a soul or aura would look like! Next I found the old books, and, I don’t know about you, but reading a good book warms my soul better than anything, and the older the book, the better! I love finding musty old books! The small child holding the soccer ball also warms my soul, because I think there are few happier things in life than a child’s laughter :) . And I love to see the way children grow into themselves and find their own souls! The plant is sort of an obvious choice for growing, but I think that it’s also significant because it takes the warmth from the sun to grow the plants, and plants help our souls! I mean, do you know anybody who’s just like, “Yuck I hate growy plant things…?” NO! I had to include the strawberries in because they are my absolute favorite food (in fact I’m eating some now… *nomnomnomnom*), and the make my soul happy when I eat them!

The final image I used (Top Left) I think has the most significance to me personally: St. Brigid’s Cross. St. Brigid is one of the patron saints of Ireland, the first female Bishop in the Anglican church, and the patron saint of many many things (most notably for me: creativity :D ). I went to Ireland on a pilgrimage with my youth group in high school. One of the major highlights of the trip, for me, was St. Brigid’s well (we also went to her cathedral, which was amazing). I can honestly say that that was the closest I have ever felt to God in my entire life. My youth group and I entered and remained in silence for the entire time we were there, and I just felt the spirit of Brigid within me and was overwhelmed with the healing power of it all. I’m not one to really preach about miracles and God moments or whatever, but that was definitely one! At any rate, Brigid has sort of become my own personal saint since then, and I even have a tattoo of her cross on my foot. One story of how her cross came about is that (and I’m seriously paraphrasing…) on her father’s death bed, she went and collected reeds from around the house and wove this cross out of them. When her father saw the cross, he asked to be baptized, and so that became her cross. If you hang them over your door, they supposedly protect your home from fire and evil. So, that was a really long explanation, but I guess what I’m saying is that this cross is a perfect representation of this theme: Brigid’s love and faith provides warmth for you and your soul, but help protects your home and soul from too much warmth. The cross is made from reeds grown around her home, and as the story tells, her father’s faith and soul grow from the sight of the cross! And my soul grew in Ireland because of this, and I’m so happy to share that moment with you!

Woah… I didn’t mean to write that much, but I think that much background was necessary! Thanks, Lauren, for the inspiration, and for the reminder of that beautiful moment in Ireland so many years ago!

Check back tomorrow night for the next winner! I’m pretty certain it’s going to be a ridiculous montage of hilarity!!

Anna Grace


Day 154: THEME CONTEST 2 Locupletative

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

(1 day late)

Continuing in the Theme Contest, today’s post is themed around this response from my friend Keri.

So… a word I’ve never heard of… FANTASTIC!! So rather than trying to wrap my brain around the definition, I just typed the word “locupletative” into google image search, and I was ridiculously surprised at the level of random that it spurted out… So I’m just gonna leave this image here…

Yeah, I have no idea. That’s just all the stuff that came up. I particularly liked the images that had the caption “cult robes” like the one in the bottom right corner… Soooo random! I’m not sure what any of these pictures have to do with “tending to enrich” but I think the finished product is pretty funny!

Thanks Keri, for participating!

Everyone stayed tune for the third part of this Theme Contest later tonight!! I think it might actually be a pretty one! :mrgreen:

Anna Grace


Day 153: THEME CONTEST 1 Cemeteries & Death

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

(1 day late… it wouldn’t fit in the title…)

Over in Facebook world about 3 hours ago, I posted a note on my personal page as a call for help from my friends. I decided to make this theme week! As you probably know, when I make one of my photo montages, I usually have some sort of theme to it. Most of the time I pick a word or phrase and google image search it, like “rainbows” in one of the last Photoshop Fun posts, and use the images in that search to make the montage! Sometimes I vary off of that word a bit and do similar things like “neon” for the rainbow post, but I try and keep a theme of some sort. Well today I wanted to another montage and couldn’t decide on a theme!! So… I asked my friends. I ended up making it a contest where the first 5 responses would be chosen as the theme of the photo montage posts this week! And, as well as the esteemed honor of being featured on my blog, I will be giving a signed print of these creations to each of the winners!

I got a pretty quick response to this contest with each of them getting progressively more and more ridiculous/amazing!! The first winner was my friend Drew and this was his response…

Ummm… okay!! So, instead of taking the morbid, creepy route, I decided to make it funny (not that death is funny… just… you know I make fun of everything…). So! Here it is in all of it’s glory!!! (BTW I think the best part about this contest is the random as hell things that can come up with google…)

The main background image was on one of the first pages… just a straight-forward pretty cemetery pic with praying lady. The little angle kid in the lower left is actually a grave marker… but I thought it was funny and mischievous!! The cube looking thing behind the praying woman is another grave marker…. not sure where it’s from, but I thought it was pretty awesome looking!! The pin-up skully chick came up when I searched “death” and ¬†entitled “Death of Erotica Neopop”… but I thought it was cool, so I added it in. Death himself came rolling into the picture to the right of the lady on a tricycle… yep a red tricycle. So predictable, that Death is… The hand of the dead reaches out of the sky… and grabs poor old Doyle in the head! (Yeah… that came up in “cemeteries”) Below Doyle is a major cause of death: cigarettes, in a 3D rendered grave. I broadened the search a little bit to include “grave” and so the Grave Digger had to make an appearance. And of course, the best thing in this montage (in my opinion), is the Death Star in the upper left corner… totally didn’t even think about that popping up in the “death” search, but I’m glad it did!! BTW I always narrow the search to large images to not have the pixel issues.

So, there you have it! The first contest winning theme in a series of 5! Tomorrow’s theme should be interesting! Hint: it involves a word I had never heard in my life until today…

Tune in tomorrow and the rest of the week for the other winners!

Anna Grace