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Day 285: Somebody I Used To Know

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

I had decided last night that I wasn’t going to do any more music posts for a bit since they’ve sort of taken over my blog… but I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day that I LOVE, so I just had to do it! It’s Gotye’s Somebody I Used To Know featuring Kimbra! I’ve heard bits and pieces of this song and other Gotye songs for a while now, but I really started to love this song when I saw this version of it where 5 people played it on one guitar! It’s pretty amazing! At any rate, they’ve started playing it a lot on my favorite local radio station, 106.1 The River, so it’s been stuck in my head since I heard it yesterday!

I hunted around a bit and found a piano part to this. But I was having a hard time deciding how to piece all the parts together (my original thought was to sing all the guitar parts, but I couldn’t find music with all the notes… :( ), so after putting it all into GarageBand, I gave it a rest for awhile. I went on my merry way hunting for uke music on my new favorite site when I came across ukulele chords and tabs to this very song! AND they were in the same key that I had already put all the piano stuff in Garage Band in! So I feel like I was destined to do it!

I started out (after putting all of the notes into GB as a guideline) with the bass line. I just played the notes up an octave from where their written in the piano part on my ukulele and then pulled them down in GarageBand. Then I recorded the chords strummed softly over the verses and a bit louder on the chorus. Then I recorded the high twiddly bits and used the “Helium” effect in GarageBand to make an octave higher, which as a bonus it gave it a cool sort underwater effect! Then I recorded the lead vocals and finally Kimbra’s part. The music I had didn’t show the harmony on the last chorus, so I just sort of made it up!

Sombody I Used to Know

I’m super happy with the way this turned out! It’s not exactly how I envisioned it originally, but I like it! It’s a bit different sound than what I usually do, but I think that’s a good thing! The only thing I don’t like is all the feedback from the AC cutting in and out and the fact that my laptop sounds like a helicopter taking off sometimes… but oh well! Oh and I messed up the girl part a bit, but I don’t think you can tell… right?? :D BTW, if you haven’t already done so, listen to this with headphones in.. it’s surround sound and you can really hear all the parts!

Ok, I’m going to try and finish the rest of the zodiac drawings this week and take a break from music!!

Anna Grace


Day 284: Dear Prudence

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

So, I thought I was done with my Beatles kick, but then I came across the chords for their Dear Prudence, so I decided to give it a shot! That link is for the original Beatles version, but I also like this take of it from Across the Universe!

So, I sang the melody while playing ukulele on one track, and then I recorded the harmony parts on other tracks. Just ignore the AC kicking on and off!

Dear Prudence

I’m pretty happy with how this turned out! It was never one of my favorite Beatles songs, but it’s growing on me!

Anna Grace


Day 283: The Big Rock Candy Mountain

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

I recorded this last weekend while I was in Nashville and completely forgot to post it! So here it is now, The Big Rock Candy Mountain! I found some pretty simple chords, so I thought it would be a fun simple one to do!

I recorded this on my iPad in my mimom’s living room, so forgive the banging cabinets at the end. :)

The Big Rock Candy Mountain

I butchered the lyrics a bit, but I had fun doing it! I think I drove Mimom nuts with the number of times I had to record it to get it right!

Stay tuned for another post in just a bit!

Anna Grace


Day 282: Across the Universe

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

This post is the last in this series of Beatles songs, and it is Across the Universe! This has always been one of my favorite Beatles songs because not only is it beautiful, but the lyrics are pure poetry! You may recall that way back on Day 175 I created some digital art with the lyrics from this song!

Across The Universe

I hope I did this song justice, other that where I ran out of breath… :/

BTW I just realized that I didn’t do a recap video for month 9. It’s harder to keep up with where I am in the project, month wise, now that I’m not saying how many days late I am, so, sorry! I’ll be posting one either later tonight or tomorrow!

Anna Grace


Day 281: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

For this post in the series of Beatles tunes I recorded the song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds!

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

I’m not sure what that weird background noise is.. sorry!

Anna Grace


Day 280: I’ve Just Seen A Face

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

This post’s song is the Beatles hit, I’ve Just Seen A Face. I tried to do more than just down strum on this one and struggled a bit with that in combination with the fast lyrics… but I’m happy with it!

I’ve Just Seen A Face

Anna Grace


Day 279: Something

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

Next up in the Beatles songs theme with ukulele is Something! This one was a bit harder, because it has a lot of crazy chord progressions, but it was fun!


Hope I didn’t butcher it too much!!

Anna Grace


Day 278: Yesterday

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

Apparently I’m on a Beatles kick. Today while searching for ukulele songs I bookmarked a bunch of ones I liked and more than half of them were Beatles tunes! So, I decided to go ahead and just record a bunch of them and get some posts out of the way!

This song for this post is Yesterday. One of the most popular Beatles songs, I just recorded it in one  take, singing and playing at the same time.


I’ve got 4 more songs to post, so I’m going to make these short!

Anna Grace


Day 277: Eight Days A Week

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

As most of you know, Tennessee and surrounding states have been, and still are, experiencing some severe thunderstorms and/or tornadoes. Knoxville just got hit about half an hour ago with some bad hail where I am, but nothing more, thank goodness. Many other places were not so lucky, so those with damages and injuries are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that those without power will get it back soon!

At any rate, as soon as the hail started, I ducked into my bathroom and sat in the tub with my ukulele and my laptop!! To try and keep my mind off of the storm, I found some fairly easy chords to the Beatles Eight Days A Week and did a quick recording! The acoustics/balance are sort of crazy since I was in the tub and my voice and the strumming aren’t really in the correct rhythm, but considering I was recording this during a hail storm with my lights flickering, I think it turned out alright!

Eight Days A Week

Please keep those not so lucky in your thoughts over the next few days! And I hope the storms die down even more before they hit my friends and family in North Carolina!!

Anna Grace


Day 275: Pumped Up Kicks

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

For this project I searched around one of my favorite uke chords/tabs blogs, Ukulele Hunt, for something new to try. When I saw Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks, I knew I had to do it because it’s just so darn catchy! And the song has a super light-hearted feel to it, but if you pay attention to the lyrics, that’s not necessarily the case, and I love that juxtaposition!

My version of it is a much more simplified take of it. I just started by recording the chords on the ukulele and looping it to fit the song. Then I recorded myself singing and the little riff on the uke at the same time. I sort of jacked up the words at the end and kept saying “outrun my bullet” instead of “faster than my bullet,” but I only wanted to do one take because I’m still not feeling very good. :(

Pumped Up Kicks

All things considered, I think it turned out pretty good! I’ll definitely have the chorus stuck in my head for a few days though!

I also wanted to post a pic of today’s juice I made, because it was such an interesting color! Like yesterday, here’s before and after stirring it up.

This juice had a handful of carrots, three handfuls of spinach, about few sprigs of cilantro, 2 small fiji apples, a third of a cucumber and half a mango! It was super tasty and the cilantro gave it a nice zing without killing my throat!

Anna Grace